Our Mission

A mission statement focuses on today and what we do day-in and day-out.  It answers the question, “Why do we exist as a church?”

HMCC exists…

To transform lost people into Christ’s disciples
who will then transform the world.

Our Vision

A vision statement focuses on tomorrow and what we hope to become. It answers the question, “Where do we believe God is leading us as a church?”

HMCC is moving towards…

Multiplying churches in campuses and cities
to transform the next generation among the nations.

HMCC of Tangerang is part of a larger family of churches currently in Ann Arbor (Michigan, USA), Austin (Texas, USA), Detroit (Michigan, USA), Hong Kong, and Jakarta (Indonesia).

Our Values

Values focus on a set of prescriptive and descriptive characteristics that help us live out our mission and vision. It answers the question, “What are the distinctives of our church?”

HMCC has seven values that can be referred to by the acronym SLT CMMD (“salt command”).

S – Spirit-led ministry
To be connected with God and anointed by His Spirit, in order to hear His direction and step out in faith to minister to His people with His power.

L – Leadership ​development
To develop people to their full potential and in Christ-like character in order to impact their spheres of influence and increase the spread of the Gospel to future generations.

T – Transculturalism
To make the decision to go through discomforts and difficulties, in order to develop understanding and delight in people from a different culture.

C – Community
To willingly come together as a diverse group of people to experience and live out the Gospel, in order to fulfill God’s purposes.

M – Ministry inside and outside
To be a visible display and viable demonstration of God’s Kingdom by stewarding our God-given spiritual gift(s), resources and experiences to build God’s Church and transform the world.

M – Missions through church planting
To obey and fulfill the Great Commission through the local church, which God has established so that we can be witnesses and servants of His redemptive purpose.

D – Discipleship
To invite people to join us in the lifestyle of the Kingdom by imitating Christ, teaching people to obey Him, and imparting Biblical values.


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