LIFE Group 2023

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Sun · 1/01/2023 - Sun · 12/31/2023
Lippo Karawaci

2022 LIFE Groups have formally ended last week. We hope that members in the different LIFE Groups will continue to meet informally together throughout the break, and we’ll be officially starting LIFE Groups again later in January 2023. 

In preparation for next year, we are asking those who want to be a part of LG to fill in the sign up form. The link is on the screen but we will make the link available through current LG’s as well as online.

Please take the time later to fill it up as the form will also ask a few survey questions. Generally, there will be greater opportunities to be life-on-life with others who live or work in the same region, so the form will ask where you live and work, and your preferred location of attending LG. 

LIFE Groups will be a mix of people from different life stages so that we have a more intimate, formalized context to allow us to get to know more members in our spiritual family. This is why we would love to see all our church members actively participating in one another’s lives through LG next year. This is our church’s value and commitment so we will be assigning people to a specific LIFE Group. So, even if you were already a part of an LG this year, please fill out this form if you want to be a part of an LG next year.

Please understand that we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to a location of your preference, because it will depend on the availability of our LG leaders who will be serving next year.


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