New Season of LIFE Group 2022

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Wed · 1/19/2022
Lippo Karawaci

We are starting new LIFE groups in 2022, so we’d love for you to sign up and join one!  LIFE groups are really the “other half” of our church life where we gather together in small groups for the purpose of discipling one another to follow Christ Jesus faithfully and fruitfully.

LG’s will start Wednesday, January 19, but don’t delay in signing up.  Especially if you were not in a LG last year, you are most welcome to sign up!  We will keep LIFE groups mixed for single adults and married adults together.  Specifically for these LIFE groups, most of them will be same gender groups that will be small- hopefully 6-8 people (or less) for each.  This will hopefully promote intimacy and closeness and a good environment for the discipleship that we’re aiming for.  However, we will have one or two mixed gender LIFE groups (single and married men and women together).  If you prefer this, there is a place on the LG sign up form for you to indicate it.

Also, if you already know that your LG from last year (from last August to December) will continue in 2022, then there’s no need to sign up for LG again.  But if you’re in one of these continuing LGs but want to join a mixed gender LG, then sign up again so we know to move you.