Bible Reading Plan

We're excited to have you journey with us through the Bible as we read through it in one year! This page is dedicated to providing you with resources as we read the Word together. We want to encourage you to share this in your LIFE Group, LCG, and use the #HMCCBRP hashtag to share with others what you're learning, insights from scripture, or even praises and promises from God. We hope that this site serves as an encouragement for you as you grow as a disciple of Jesus alongside the rest of our church!

We began this journey of reading through the entire Bible during the One Desire Fast 2012. In order to grow as disciples of Christ, we realized that we needed to make a commitment to reading the Word and made it our goal to finish the entire Bible using a Bible reading plan.


If you're new to Twitter but don't have an account, sign up at After you've created a username and password, simple add the text "#HMCCBRP" to your tweets to share it with the rest of the church. Please note, you must make your account public (unprotected) for your tweets to show up in the Twitter feed on the right.

Additionally, please follow the various site accounts and pastors for the latest updates for each church site!

YouVersion and Other Resources

We hope that you will take advantage of some of the resources that will aid you in your journey through the Bible in one year available online for free.